How to Use a Flip In excess of Observed

Preparation and placing up

When location up a flip above observed it is critical that you pick a suited web page to function from that is flat, stage and absolutely free from loose components, debris or rubble. Look at that the flip about noticed is firm and does not move.

Your electricity provide should be from a harmless stage with more than enough ability for the commence up surge of a effective motor, typically all over 2000w. This source should have some kind of circuit security if possible a sensitive breaker that will journey in the even of an incident. If working with a 110v transformer, website this subsequent to the power stage and use a suitable 110v extension direct to the flip above noticed. DO NOT operate a 240v extension lead to the 110v transformer at the noticed!

Sensibly route the ability cable to the flip above saw absent from the operate region and not suspended off the floor in any way to induce a vacation hazard.

Obtain with each other your particular safety products (PPE), which must at the very least comprise of appropriate security eyeglasses and a good force stick if employing the flip in excess of saw in desk cutting manner. Ear defenders are a great notion if in an enclosed area or if applying the saw for extended durations and absolutely critical if reducing aluminium (specific blade required) (as the sounds from these blades can be horrendous!) If not utilizing a dust extraction procedure then dust nuisance facial area masks need to also be regarded specifically if ripping down long lengths of product or doing the job in an enclosed space.

As constantly have on stout, metal toe capped boots, smart clothing and tuck away just about anything unfastened that could be pulled into the blade. Wearing rings and other jewelry is not to be advisable both. Hard hats are wanted if there is a hazard from previously mentioned or if passing extensive lengths of timber overhead.

Your material inventory need to be sited to hand and safely stacked, taking away a one duration must not lead to the stack to collapse!

This writer likes to web-site the noticed so that I do not have to wander all over it to take the freshly minimize workpiece back again to the perform put and then stack the materials to the left hand facet for benefit. This leaves a distinct route involving the flip above saw and the place of work. Becoming successful signifies finding additional function done for significantly less energy!

If cutting lengths for a longer period than say 1 meter, some form of aspect supports are likely to be necessary. Possibly industrial observed supports or custom altered ‘saw horses’. This author uses steel folding variety, observed horses with a timber packing piece screwed to the tops earning them the specific exact top as the mitre saw ‘bed’. A few is suitable, two to the still left and a single to the correct to catch the off lower. Two to the remaining is needed as the product may get more compact and lesser if slicing a number of sections out of a person length. This is necessary for harmless performing and to protect against the blade snatching the workpiece as it cuts via.

Prepare your get the job done so that you minimise the volume of instances that you will need to ‘flip’ the observed in excess of into table method and again, if you can. For case in point do all of the table observed cuts to start with and then switch to your mitre saw cuts. This is not usually possible or sensible even though and thankfully most flip about saws are rapid to modify over.

Doing work with a flip about noticed

If you have set up as explained earlier mentioned you are readily and will do the job proficiently and more importantly safely and securely!

Mitre saw cuts

Content ought to be placed gently on the flip about noticed and slid to the place to be marked and minimize. Dropping significant materials on to the observed bed will inevitably wreck the flip over saws accuracy options and may even harm the noticed.

Long lengths should be marked from the left and shorter lengths of say below a meter ought to be marked from the suitable. This is to guarantee that the extended side of the substance to be lower is to the left as this is the side which you will be firmly holding as the observed does its get the job done.

Put the substance beneath the blade and grasp the manage with blade guard launch DO NOT Press THE Power Switch AT THIS Level.

Carefully pull down the saw right until the blade pretty much touches the substance and adjust the content facet to aspect, until the blade is positioned to the squander/off slash facet of your mark.

Launch the observed back again to its resting issue and keeping a firm grip on the workpiece, begin the motor.

When ready for the blade to arrive at whole speed, hear to it. Develop into acquainted with how the motor sounds and be vigilant to just about anything strange. Often little items of product get trapped in the guard mechanism and can rub versus the blade until finally they fly out devoid of warning! Stop, unplug the electric power and examine any unconventional seems right away!

With the blade at complete velocity and sounding very good, gently pull the noticed down into and by way of the workpiece. Develop into familiar with how the blade feels and cuts, study to choose how a lot stress to use and do not gradual the blade down excessively, about 10% or so is about suitable. At the time all the way via the materials, carefully return the saw to its upright posture, swap off the motor and hold out for the blade to wholly prevent.

All finished, you should now have the accurate measurement workpiece. All set for transferring to the office for repairing.

By no means leave a flip more than noticed operating in-involving cuts. On a chaotic internet site a functioning motor can be dangerously and deceptively tranquil.

Desk saw cuts

Fold down the observed ‘head’ and safe as directed in the suppliers directions (they vary a small), ‘flip’ the observed about and pay attention for the locator capture to simply click. Always ‘double check’ visually that the observed mattress is secured in placement.

Constantly use the riving knife and blade guard when ripping down timber, again, as for every companies description. This stops the timber binding the blade right after the reduce and prevents the blade ‘throwing’ the timber back again towards you at some speed!

Set up the fence or guideline if building a parallel reduce employing the graduated marks on the saw table bed or by measuring among the fence and blade with a tape measure.

If you have established up the saw as for each the previously guidance you must have a very clear spot in entrance of the flip in excess of noticed (it is so tempting to stack product powering you, but as you can see, this is a mistake).

As soon as you are prepared, start the flip over saw and action back again from the device with your product in hand. All over again, listen to the motor as the blade spins up to whole pace and location your material on the front edge of the table and line it up with the fence.

By now the blade will be jogging at entire speed, carefully but firmly feed the content into the blade, keeping a organization sideways and downwards force on the product into the guiding fence and desk bed. When you are about 50 percent way you have the option to end, withdraw the material, transform it in excess of end to close and run the other 50 percent by way of until eventually you fulfill the initially cut. Shorter lengths may possibly be fed straight by in a single go, trying to keep arms well absent from the blade or use one or two drive sticks.

Personally, this author does not like to get any nearer to a functioning blade than about 100mm or 4″ confident I know many that operate a great deal closer than this, but hey, I like all of my fingers!

Off minimize management

Often know in which your off minimize is heading to go. Modest types can fly out if not properly managed and extensive off cuts can suggestion and trap the blade also resulting in difficulty. Very good aid is the reply, Ahead of, All through and Soon after the reduce.


Assuming that you have the proper measurement saw for the work in hand and it can bodily lower the product. The only limitation that you will obtain with a flip in excess of noticed is that of acquiring to regularly flip the machine among the two modes if the function demands it or you will not appropriately system your cuts. Flip about saws do indicate that you need to have to appear a very little more forward and assume about what you are doing.

As with a lot of mixture devices there is some compromise to reach the adaptability. With flip more than saws this could necessarily mean that the desk saw mattress is a minimal small or that the ability of the mitre observed is a very little less mainly because it won’t have a sliding arm.

Eventually however, working with a flip about observed is straightforward coupled with excellent capabilities and flexibility implies that a flip about noticed can tackle most careers, possibly on internet site or in the workshop at residence.

Additional examining

Amazon inventory several hundred books on this topic lookup for electrical power saws, desk saws or mitre saws for ideal outcomes.

Testimonials can be located on most software source sites these times.


Decide on a appropriate and secure site to established up the flip in excess of saw, preferably away from other workers.

Be certain that the flip more than saw is on a organization base and does not go.

Use a protected shielded, electric power offer and sensible cable routing.*

Assure your ‘push stick’ and personal security gear (PPE) are to hand.

Prepare supplies close to hand and safely and securely stacked to your remaining (when struggling with the saw).

Make certain your route from the flip in excess of saw to the place of work is rational, obvious and secure.

Strategy your operate, dividing employment into mitre saw and desk noticed modes.

Use facet supports if materials is more than a meter long.

Mark material from the still left except the minimize is beneath a meter, then mark from the correct.

Firmly keep workpiece and you should not allow for the blade to contact the material until finally up to whole velocity.

Never depart the observed managing in amongst cuts.

Normally use the riving knife and blade guard when ripping down substance.

Hold your hand/fingers at the very least 100mm furthermore absent from a managing blade.

Clear off sawdust and pack absent cautiously for future time.

Diligently wipe the blade with a gentle oil if not making use of the noticed again for several weeks.

Preserve the saw storage space locked and the noticed less than an old sheet or blanket.


Your shielded electricity source must be from a protected position with more than enough capacity for the start off up surge of a potent motor, normally all around 2000w.

If working with a 110v transformer, internet site this future to the power position and use a acceptable 110v extension guide to the flip above noticed. DO NOT run a 240v extension guide to the 110v transformer at the saw!

Sensibly route the electricity cable to the flip around saw away from the operate region and not suspended off the floor in any way to bring about a trip hazard.

Assemble with each other your particular defense products (PPE), which need to at minimum comprise of ideal basic safety eyeglasses and a very good force stick if making use of the flip over saw in desk reducing mode.

Ear defenders are a fantastic concept if in an enclosed house or if applying the noticed for extended periods and definitely vital if slicing aluminium (unique blade essential as the sounds from these blades can be horrendous!)

Look at Dust nuisance experience masks if not utilizing an extraction procedure.

As always don stout, steel toe capped boots, reasonable dresses and tuck away just about anything free that could be pulled into the blade.

Wearing rings and other jewellery is not to be suggested either.

Challenging hats are also required if there is a danger from higher than or if passing very long lengths of timber overhead.

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